“La belleza de las islas baleares” 

“Fashion is about suspense, surprise & Fantasy. Its not about Rules”

– Wolfgang Joop

I would like to present my Projekt named “La belleza de las islas baleares”. In this Fashion Collection keywords are Ibiza, Fashion, Childhood & Nature.

A huge part of my artistic inspiration comes from my background.

Growing up on an Island, I have always been surrounded by Nature in all her beauty.

As a young Child I felt a strong connection to nature and I have always had the desire to explore this in all its diversity. The striking colours and Geometric shapes in nature are the basic components of my artistic work.

Throughout this Collection I will explore the relationship between Fashion and Nature. Every element in fashion comes from Nature. Its diversity, liveliness and beauty have Inspired and Influenced Fashion and Textile designers from the 18th Century to this present Day. Every Shape and Form, Colour and Structure, everything Originates from nature.

For my Projekt, Id like to concentrate on the colour Palette Ibiza is already providing. The colour of the Vibrant Yellow Sun, of the Deep Red Earth, of the Soft Blue Sky and of the delicate Green Cactus. As Cherishing Nature is very important to me, I feel it is crucial for me to work with the Environment. The Fabric which i will be Using for “La belleza de las islas baleares” is a mix between Linen and Viscose (55% Flax 45% Viscose). As a young Fashion designer I want to work towards being 100%  Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly.

In combination to this materiality, I would like to give each piece a unique touch and a connection to a, personally, very important place. I will Print some of the Beautiful Plants & Flowers growing on Ibiza, on my pieces. By creating Stencils and using these to Print, then going back in for more detail. Creating a Unique quality. Tapping into textile design. I would like to convey a feeling of being connected to Nature. Achieving this by creating garments which make you feel imbedded by Nature.

I will be choosing the combination of plants and coloured fabrics by the amount of contrast and the feeling they give me. I´d like for the Prints to really stand out and become a wakeup effect.

In contrast with the Linen Material and the Striking prints, i will be adding Studs, Eyelets and Zippers. I feel this provides a sense of strength and toughness which slightly goes in the direction of the Rock n´Roll style. I find it really interesting to explore the moment when Delicacy and Fragility meets Roughness and Strength. Throughout the Pieces these keep breaking eachother.

As textile design is an area which captures my attention a lot, and i want to be conscious with every remaining piece of Fabric in my work progress,  i will save these scraps and create a new Fabric, by using the technique called patchwork. I then will create a Garment using this recycled  and handcrafted Material. Crafting a new vision from a different angle. Consciously bringing specific colours and shapes together. Going back to showing the geometry which exists in Nature. By manipulating fabric in such a way, using recycled scraps and creating something new from them, i feel this is a step in the right direction.

The Quick growth in Fashion Causes great negative Environmental footprints, therefore, the Identity which I would like my Collection to project is “Rise in Awareness & Gratitude”.

I would like to raise more awareness towards Nature. Encourage People to care more about Mother earth. I find that in this time and age so many people forget about the fascination you feel when you really open your eyes up to Nature. There are so many cities, with docents of Buildings and Man-made “Gardens” that you forget what Mother Nature is giving us. You become so insensitive towards the actual beauty of Nature that you can blindly walk by the most astonishing creation. When you really take a moment and observe a singly piece of Nature you can find so many interesting aspects that you might not have known existed in this very piece. Once you have taken into account and maybe understood the diversity of Nature and how Important and crucial to our existent it is, you might be more encouraged to take better care of it and protect it.

This is my Message to you.