Kashaya Antoinete Rustige



My name is Kashaya Rustige. Born 1998/04/01 – Ibiza.  

I have always been interested and loved expressing myself in many different Creatives ways. ”A place of creativity”. I would like to create a place where i can express myself in different creative ways. Connecting with other creative souls and bringing visions to reality. 

A huge part of my artistic inspiration comes from my background.

Growing up on an Island, I have always been surrounded by Nature in all her beauty. As a young Child I felt a strong connection to nature and I have always had the desire to explore this in all its diversity. The striking colours, Geometric shapes and ever changing forms in nature are the basic components of my artistic work.

I would like to raise more awareness towards Nature. Encourage People to see Mother earth. I find that in this time and age so many people forget about the fascination you feel when you really open up your eyes to Nature. There are so many cities, with docents of Buildings and Man-made “Gardens” that you forget what Mother Nature is giving us. You become so insensitive towards the actual beauty of Nature that you can blindly walk by the most astonishing creation. When you really take a moment and observe a singly piece of Nature you can find so many interesting aspects that you might not have known existed in this very piece. Once you have taken into account and maybe understood the diversity of Nature and how Important and crucial to our existent it is, you might be more encouraged to take better care of it and protect it.